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Foto's : Rudy van Duijnhoven, Flyfair 2008





Martin Stout bij de jacht en visserijdagen in Elverum Noorwegen



Hello all,


In the next couple paragraphs I will try to introduce myself, including my passion for fly fishing and fly tying.


I’m Martin Stout from The Netherlands, 27 years old  and with my lovely girlfriend Jacomar I live near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The past 3 years I worked for the community of Rotterdam with the department of land development. Recently I found a new job (at Twijnstra en Gudde Advisers and managers), in the same work field except now my main focus will be advising communities about their land development activities.


After several years of “normal” fishing, I started fly fishing in the years I attended the University of Delft (graduated in 2004). Friends of mine where fishing with the fly for pike and always caught more pike then I did, which I did not find very amusing. OFCOURSE, Fishing is not always about catching fish but much more about the surroundings, however once in a while catching a fish is nice too.

In the early years, I obtained my flies from the same friends that seduced me to fly fishing however I wanted to understand and experiment more with flies and decided I to tie my own flies. With a little help from my friends, I learned myself  to tie my own pike flies around the year 2001. I never could have imagined than that fly fishing and fly tying would have this much impact on my life as it is right now.


Two years ago (2004-2005) I joined with the fly fishing club of Spijkenisse (VVC Spijkenisse www.vliegvissen.com). I hoped to learn a lot from the other members because I still considered myself  a beginner in fly tying. The first evening we were talking and tying around and it was a lot of fun to be there. So, the next week I returned and tied flies with Paul. I showed him some flies I had tied earlier that week. He asked: “How long have you been tying because these are very nice flies and you won’t be learning much here anymore?”.  I told him the exact same story that I have just told you and we went on from there.

Recently, I went into the tying board of our club and by now I am one of the fly tying teachers in our club. I am also very active on the internet and last couple of years I have aimed to teach people about fly tying on several  forums and by e-mail (e-mail: MJD_Stout@hotmail.com). The nice thing about this is that it resulted in a lot of friend all over the country, and in the future maybe even all over the world.


Due to my young age I do not have a great deal of experience with fly tying at shows. To be honest this will be my first show and I am kind of nervous about it. My friends and fellow fly tiers at our club (that have more then enough experience) tell me that I have more then enough skills to make a good impression, however time will tell.


I think I do not have a real specialty in fly tying, other than “to go with the flow”.  I just tie the fly I fancy when I am behind my vice. This makes it rather difficult to tell you what kind of flies I will be tying during the show; Personally, I think tying with hare’s hair and cdc is very nice. I have seen this on the site off Jean Paul Dessainge (www.jpdessaigne.com) and that inspired me a lot. So, I think I will tie most of my flies (segdes and mayflies) with Hare’s hair. Next to that, I find it also nice to tie Pike flies, so for sure these will come from my vice too.

As I said, I will go with the flow and when you would like to see a certain fly pattern I am always willing to show my version of it, you just have to let me know!


Hope you will enjoy my appearance here,





Something about my fishing skills


In the Netherlands there are all kinds of ways to fish the fly. I will try to give an impression my fishing:


I like to fish for:

  • Pike in the Dutch polders
  • Trout on Lake Oostvoorne
  • Seabass on the Dutch coast


I am trying to develop my fishing skills on the great rivers in our country like for example the river Lek, not to far from my home. The results are not that good at the moment, but I am convinced that results will come eventually; you cannot help but to keep on trying.


Also, I try to go on fly fishing vacation one week every year. Mainly I visit Germany (the Eiffel area) but once I had the opportunity to go to Norway (the river Glomma). Although the fishing was not to good considering the catch, probably due to the early time of year (june), it was a great experience and a beautiful week.


For our comming trip in Norway I am in for anything, really anything, except fly fishing on sea. River fishing is something that is not to common in the Netherlands but I like to fish for trout grayling on a river. One day I would  like to catch a really big trout on a nice river. My personal best is 43 cm and that of course leaves room for improvement.

I do not have specific desires and think I am going to be really happy doing standard fly fishing in Norway. 


All of the above does not go without saying (and I live by this rule):





Kind regards en tight lines


Martin Stout



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